Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bob and Dave, a Love Story

Awhile ago (a few weeks) I was made aware of the 100 word stories podcast ( by Laurence Simon. Fun stories. Short. And he has a weekly challange. He annouces a word or subject to write about then fans/authors are encouraged to write and submit a 100 word story based on the prompt. I started wrtiting and submitting. here's my first story. It's about Bob ... and ... Dave.
The weekly challange this week was a "pick two" from a list.
here's a link the episode with my story read by ... TREED!

Bob and Dave, a Love Story
By Thomas Reed
“Yeah, I know. Don’t say it.”
“But ... Bob…”
“Look, Dave, I KNOW. Now just do not mention it again.”
“Ok, Bob, but you…”
“DAVE! Don’t say it.”
“Well, Bob, then just let me say that it has been nice knowing you.”
“Gee, Dave. It’s been nice knowing you too. Now, why are you saying that?”
“Now Bob, you haven’t wanted to me to …”
“See? If I don’t tell you…”
“Not a word.”
“Bob, do you forgive me?”
“For what, Dave? You haven’t said or done anything… yet.”
“Bob, you HAVE to look behind you…”
“DAVE!! I… “

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