Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bob and Dave, The Love Story Continues.

Here is my second story I submitted to 100 Word Stories
This weeks challenge was Museum.

Bob and Dave, The Love Story Continues.

“Hey, Bob.”
"What Dave?”
“You know I am sorry…”
“Yeah, I know, Dave.”
“I did try to warn you.”
“I know, Dave.”
“But you wouldn’t let me tell you”
“When has that ever stopped you, Dave?”
“Well, I know, Bob, but I did warn you.”
“Yes, Bob.”
“Why are you bringing this up now?”
“Well, the museum is having a new exhibit this week.”
“Really? Is it interesting?”
“I think so, but, Bob, you might not want to go… considering what happened last week.”
“What is it Dave? And do I have to go?”
“Well, Bob… It’s about dinosaurs.”

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