Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bob and Dave, The Love Story, Part 3

This is a story I submitted to 100 Word Stories Weekly Challenge
The word/phrase for this weeks challenge was "I don't know" (I actually thought it was mirror). Anyway, this is what I wrote.

Bob and Dave, The Love Story, Part 3

“Oh Wow! … Bob!”
“Dave… the things you get excited over tend to hurt me. So, do not be angry with me if I ignore you.”
“But, Bob…. “
“Dave, the last two weeks have been difficult. First I get Crunched by some unseen assailant… “
“I tried to warn…”
“Stow it Dave. And last week I get traumatized by that dinosaur exhibit you dragged me off to.”
“How was I to know part of exhibit was an automated T. Rex that almost snapped your head off?”
“But this mirror, Bob.”
“What mir … “
“Uh oh, Bob… Car or ambulance?”

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