Monday, August 15, 2011

You Are Loved

May you find happiness
in every direction your
paths take you.
May you never lose
your sense of wonder,
and may you hold on to
the sense of humor
you use to brighten
the lives
of everyone who
knows you.
May you go beyond the
ordinary steps
and discover
extraordinary results.
May you keep on trying to
reach for your stars.
May you never forget how
wonderful you are.

May you always be patient
with the problems of life,
and know that any clouds
will eventually
give way to the sunlight of
your most hoped-for days.
May you be rewarded
with friendships
that get better and better,
and with love that blesses
your life forever.

May you meet every challenge
you are faced with,
recognize every golden
opportunity, and be blessed
with the knowledge
that you have the ability to
make every day special.
May you have enough
material wealth to meet your needs,
while never forgetting that
the real treasures of life
are the loved ones and friends
who are invaluable to the end.
May you search for serenity,
and discover it was within
you all along.

May you be strong enough
to keep your hopes and
dreams alive.
May you always be
gentle enough
to understand.
May you know
that you hold tomorrow
within your hands,
and that the way there
will be shared with the makings
of what will be your most
wonderful memories.
And may you always remember,
each step along the way...

You are loved more than words
can ever begin to say.

Poem by R.L. Keith

For my people... you know who you are

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