Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Boney Rant about Religion

too many people equate the RELIGION (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.) with the people who practice it. MOST religions (including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.) preach, encourage and support the philosophies and practice of peace, tolerance, justice and mercy. It's the radical elements (people who distort their religion to satisfy their own personal agenda and beliefs) that do violence in the name of their "RELIGION". God, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, Whomever do not want their creation killing, destroying, maiming, torturing, hurting each other. It has been the PEOPLE who "claim" their "GOD" has called them to do this. It has been the "LEADERS" of the religion who distort the tenants of their "RELIGION" to fit their own wants and needs, to use their religion to point fingers, blame others, feel better than others, to set themselves a part and above. It is usually not about religion at all, but POWER. Power in the form of money, political influence and rule, control over natural resources (i.e. oil), power to tell others they are wrong. The original intent of most religions is personal. It is about ONE person and their own relationship with their "GOD" and how to make the world a better place for life, not about how we can beat up others in the name of our "GOD".

Some one had tweeted a link to some "Bone Art". The artist(s) had used human bones to make symbols and pictures. It was a bit of a religious/political statement. Some of the comments did not sit well with me, so I ranted. this is an expansion of that rant. Below is the link to the site that sparked this.

The Link

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