Sunday, June 13, 2010


A man kept bragging to his neighbor about how smart his bird dog was. The neighbor, growing tired of his bragging, finally said, "Let's take that dog out and see what it can really do."
Early the next morning, they started out through a cotton field and came to a small clump of bushes on the edge of the field. The dog's owner sent the dog in, and the dog came out and patted his foot one time. "There is one bird in that bush," said the owner. Sure enough, he sent the dog back in, and he flushed one bird.
Going on down the field, they came to a second clump of bushes. Again the dog was sent in and coming out patted his foot twice. "There are two birds in the bush," said the owner. Sure enough, the dog flushed two birds.
Down in the corner of the cotton patch was a large bunch of bushes. The dog's owner sent the dog into the bushes, and the dog came back out and seemed to go crazy. He started yanking cotton out of the stalks and grabbed a stick and started shaking it around.
"What is wrong with that crazy dog?" said the neighbor.
"You have to be able to read that dog," said the owner. "There are more cotton picking birds in that bush than you can shake a stick at."

Author Unknown


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