Monday, June 1, 2009

Mur Lafferty's Heaven Series

Kate and Daniel find themselves dead and in Heaven

Kate and Daniel head off to Hell to find a few Lost Souls

After taking care of things in Heaven and Hell (ok, not really, but they did what they could) Kate and Daniel off to recreate creation(??)

Daniel and Kate wind up in the Wasteland battling for Existence.

The story continues and everything comes to a conclusion, but of Daniel and Kate, what of Heaven and the legions of Hell?

check them all out, they're free. they're on You'll be glad you did.

OH and also check out Playing for Keeps. Super Heroes. Super Villains. 3rd Wave Heroes. (what??) Find out what it means to have super powers and not be able to use them. Check it out, good story and fun, Fun, FUN.

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